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Increase your productivity rate

Sharp Equity was formed in 2016 with a focus on changing the landscape in equity research. We produce high quality fundamental tech and telecoms research but with the aim to increase the inherent value that fund managers receive when they read equity research reports.

How we do this is what makes us different.


100% dedicated to idea generation. We follow a fundamental bottom-up stock approach to analysis, akin to the sell-side. But when we think about investment, our mindset is heavily buy-side focused.


No corporate trading business, no direct prop trading, no conflicts of interest. This allows us to make interesting and bold stock calls.


We only produce Buy or Short ideas and always with a high level of conviction, indicating major upside or downside from the outset. There are no ‘Holds’, so there’s no ‘sitting on the fence’.


Revenues are dependent on the quality of the research we produce, the interaction we have with our clients and the performance of our stock calls.


Unlike the sell-side, we are fully focused on the performance of our ideas. We only continue to write about stocks as long as the investment case remains intact and so are not wedded to our models. We run a model portfolio of our stock calls, which holds us accountable to both you and ourselves.


We listen to our clients and so can adapt to their needs. This means that we can quickly and effectively adjust and improve our product when required.

Research that gets the heart of what you need to know

Tired of reading homogeneous sell-side style equity research reports? Are you craving investment research that gets straight to the heart of the investment story?

Our fundamental research is geared to tell you what you need to know to make better, informed investment decisions.

We don’t write 50+ page documents that take 3 days to read and digest.

All our research is direct, informative and actionable.


Opportunistic with a focus
on performance

Our process follows an active, conviction-based ‘best ideas’ approach. The methodology is fundamentally driven, but we do not adhere to one particular investment strategy, as we believe this can simply result in missed opportunities.

Our overall strategy is classed as fundamental, bottom-up stock picking that enables us to deliver strong results in varied market conditions.

With a focus on performance, we manage our recommendations akin to managing a fund. We’re therefore more aligned with you than a sell-side analyst in how we think about what stocks to recommend, when to add or remove them and also the structure of our ‘basket’ of calls.

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