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your time is precious

we've built our product with you, the investor, in mind

Look at your desk.

Chances are that there's a pile of research reports just sitting there at the corner, waiting to be read or just buried and forgotten within your inbox somewhere. Despite your best intentions, you know that you're probably not going to read most of them.

Why is that?

Is it because you just don't have the time? Is it an onerous chore? Do you not want to risk investing your time in reading something that won't be relevant? Or do you simply not value them?

We know how you feel because, for many years, we've sat in your seat.

Having spent over 16 years working as a fundamental equity analyst on both the buy and sell-side at companies such as Société Générale, Barclays Wealth, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Gerrard Investment Management, as well as independently, Daniel Krimholtz started Sharp Equity with the intention of providing professional investors with equity research that they actually want to read.  

With first hand experience of understanding what it's like on both sides of the equity research fence, we know that sell-side analysts are just not incentivised to provide investors with alpha generating ideas. They're not remunerated based on the performance of their recommendations.

Therefore, our business model is simply aimed at providing you with equity research reports that are: 

A) rigorously analytical 

B) readable and original

C) valuable to you 

Our focus is to provide our clients with a valuable product. 

After all, just like a stock, if you aren't attributing value to something then why are you buying it?

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