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Service & product offering

Sharp Equity’s coverage universe comprises of the following areas across UK and pan-European markets.

  • Telecoms: Diversified & Wireless, Satellite Services
  • Technology: Hardware, Software, IT Services and Online Retail

Research notes are written on companies where we have high conviction that an investment opportunity exists. As well as reports, we provide detailed financial models and slide decks when required.

All research is released via our secure online platform through this website. Reports and data, including financial models, can also be downloaded or viewed on tablet and mobile.  

Additionally, we can provide bespoke research on stocks, products or industries.

We offer a broad range of subscription or on-demand services that we can tailor to your individual needs or preferences. Contact us for pricing or to find out more.

Investment approach

Our investment approach to picking stocks is a rigorous, tried and tested process. 

The methodology we follow is fundamentally driven, but we do not adhere to one particular investment strategy, such as high growth or deep value. We think that this can simply result in missed opportunities. We class our overall strategy as fundamental, bottom-up stock picking that enables us to deliver strong results in varied market conditions. 

We are not consensus led and challenge consensus thinking but we will not be anti-consensus just for the sake of it. We look for stocks that have major upside or downside and as long as we continue to believe that the stock represents a worthwhile investment, we will write about it. We believe that there is too much short-termism in the market and take a minimum 18m view when releasing a new idea.

We meet with companies, build financial models, undertake scenario analyses, visit sites and speak to industry specialists to better understand a company's investment prospects. Only when we have strong conviction that a recommendation will add value to a client’s portfolio, will we release our idea.

Our process follows an active, conviction-based 'best ideas' approach and a stock is removed from our Active List if we feel it no longer represents a worthwhile investment.

We also run a model portfolio to hold ourselves accountable.

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77% hit rate across all buys and shorts
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*Since inception, as at October 2018
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