About Sharp Insights

Hello. Welcome to Sharp Insights, a wealth, financial markets and business blog. Some time ago, I started to write down my thoughts on business and finance in order to improve my focus, develop my ideas and aid the financial position for my family. Needing better structure and a desire to help others and share my findings, I decided to put it all down in one place.

My name is Daniel and I’ve worked in financial markets as an investment analyst for over twenty years. I’ve held senior roles in investment banks, wealth and investment management firms as well as undertaking consultancy roles. I've written articles for or been featured in various publications, such as Investment Week, Professional Adviser, The Wall Street Journal, Citywire and The Daily Telegraph to name but a few. Some years ago, I also started my own FCA regulated business, Sharp Equity, which provides investment research to industry professionals.

Most of the time now, I work remotely. This certainly has its advantages but it is definitely not always easy, particularly when my wife and three young children are around. Structure, discipline and motivation are really important for me to remain productive and driven.

I love interacting, communicating and networking with people. You will probably realise that as I talk a lot about how important it is in business. And this blog is a constant work in progress, so please continue to give your feedback and provide me with ideas on what you would like to find more about.

My main aim to to share my knowledge, experience and views with you in an understandable and focused format so you can make better decisions about your business and investment life. Please note that all views and opinions are my own and are for informational purposes only.

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Anyway, I hope you enjoy my posts and if you ever want to get in touch, feel free to send me a message.